Anushka Handbags......Fabulous!!!

  1. I've been stalking the Anushka line for 2 years at one of our boutiques and finally bought 2 of them. You'll know them when you see them....handpainted leather. Done some research and found out that they have doubled in value over the last two years. Anyone have one? I can post a picture tomorrow. :yes: By the way, very reasonable luxury.....just $150 for an awesome bag.
  2. Hmm, I've never heard of the brand. Congrats though! I would love to see the picture.
  3. Congrats on a great buy!
  4. So.....what do you think? You should feel the leather. By the way, the color is tanned right in to the leather and not just painted on. It's fun!
  5. Someone else had posted about these bags about a week ago. Very beautiful. I'd like to get one though it is hard to decide on a design. There is a coin purse that I want to get for sure.

    What painted designs did you get?
  6. I just can't seem to upload the picture I want to share, so I had to get one off the internet. Sorry. But you have to like this bag!
  7. Very nice, it has a southwestern feel to it. You really can't go wrong with any of the designs. I like the fact to that you don't see this type of bag hanging on everyone's arm. You will receive lots of compliments I'm sure! I'm envious!
  8. BlackWidow, this is the bag I bought. The colors are on the inside of the abstract flap, too. I'm telling you, its a great bag. Hopefully, this picture will come out. I seem to be computer illiterate today.............
    Anushka Abstract Bag.jpeg
  9. That is a fabulous pic! You really can make out the colors. I have a question what is the inside lining made of and the color of yours?
  10. I have a small one that has a beautiful lotus flower on it. I use it as a purse inside my tote bag when I carry around one of my totebags (it's a good match with my lambertson truex red python tote. :supacool: )

    Beautiful bags for the price. I got mine at an artisan's market in a shop that had a mixture of handmade and manufactured leather goods.
  11. A bit too "bold" and busy for me...
  12. You have the lotus flower one! That is one of the ones I'm considering. I also like the butterfly ones as well. Tough decision!
  13. ^ Funny thing you should say "South West". My sister-in-law was visiting from Santa Fe when I got this one, and so she got one, too, because she said the very same thing. We then looked for stores carrying these bags in Santa Fe and we found two that carried them, so she is going to check them out for herself in case she wants to get another one.
  14. Compassrose or Itbag,

    Can you please answer my question about the inside lining. What fabric is it and the color? Thanks!
  15. The lining is a black material that is proably nylon and it has Anushka embossed in it. I know these bag might be a little busy for some, and I was actually surprised that I bought one myself, but it is a joy to carry around!