Antony By Mulberry


T&co state of mind..
Nov 11, 2005
i was thinking this in oak..suppose to age quickly and beautifully, and needs to fit a notepad, notebook, and pens, and thats pretty much it, i mean a wallet, keys and a phone is a given, but it isnt that much, since im thinking of buying a paul smith wallet instead of the LV epi- and thats slim, so yes, any opinions?
I really like most Mulberry bags; I would think it would make a practical tote.

Sorry for the silly question; but what is the second picture you posted of?
the only thing is, does it have a money pocket? i cant tell if that top most part is just sticking or an actual pocket? ahhhhh one day i need to track that car down and buy it, if he made a convertible like that too....sigh...just take my savings...dont need it anymore lol.
If that Antony is darwin leather it will indeed age very beautifully. I have the Brynmore in oak darwin and three and half years on it's gorgeous (well, it has been all the time). Just be sure to keep it out of the rain until it's well worn, I got rain on mine the first time I used it and it took quite some time of wear to make the stains even out.
where did you buy it? because i was calling all these stores and they kept shunting me to different depts or telling me to call back later.
yeah, but i wanted to see it in person, and i called barney and bergdolf goodman and neiman marcus and all were so unhelpful, i heard ladies laughing as they picked up the phone, saying that they were busy and to call back later ?! are they serious? the other store kept throwing me into the womans back to the mens section back to the womans for the umpteenth time and the other one just sent me off. :/ argh..
**and so i did, and four times they told me to call back jeez..probably they didnt take me seriously beccause my voice is so young, rude.