Antiques Roadshow

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  1. Anyone watch it? (Or at least stay on it for a little bit while channel surfing?)

    What were some of the most interesting antiques you've seen?

    Bonus question: What antique would you bring on the show?

    Today I saw the original puppets from the Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Movie.

    I also saw this woven robe from China. This little old lady brought it in. The appraiser asked her "Now, you don't like this, is that right?" She answered, "No, I don't. It's ugly and rather frightening."

    A couple weeks ago, I saw some tiger claw jewelry from like 1865.

    My mom has this Mickey Mouse tea set that used to belong to her grandmother. It was white and this iridescent blue. The set included a teapot and four cups. They all have the old school Mickey on the sides.

    I'd like to appraise it just to see how much it'd be worth. (I wouldn't sell it, of course, because my mother loves it.)
  2. Never miss it, it's essential to what I do (antiques)...
  3. I love Antiques Roadshow!!

    But I haven't watched it in quite awhile.
  4. I watch it all the time especially the one from the UK now they have some
    awesome antiques..
  5. I watch it here and there. I do enjoy when I catch it.