antique white MJ Stella reissue on sale

  1. thanks for posting. I don't remember who wanted it eaither but they better snap it up quickly =)
  2. Youngprof, thank you for sharing. =)
    This is a great deal for White Stella! It is a classic & must-have bag!
    If you are looking a roomy bag for work, this is it! It can be used on other occasions too. =)

    Okeee, I start to sound like a salesperson now. =)
  3. Oh man, if i hadn't JUST bid on a similar sophia on eBay i would be all over this! What a great deal. I use my Stella constantly. It's the perfect work bag - roomy enough to carry everything and absolutely gorgeous at the same time.

    ...ok, now I am sounding like a sales person too!!
  4. Pre-Sale at Neiman Marcus stores: Extra 25% off Sale items (can be picked up starting this Friday)

    White/Black Stella Limited Edition (originally $1095)
    $821 x .75 = $615.75 (~44% off)

    White/Black Sophia LE (originally $975) -- still full price online
    $721 x .75 = $540.75 (~44% off)

    If you are looking for Black Sophia, call Fashion Island store & ask for Tiffany.
    Telephone: 949.759.1900 ext 2127
    Toll Free: 800.395.1036
  5. ^^^ bag.lover rocks
  6. Which NM store for the black stella.
  7. I saw 2 Black Stellas on sale at my local Neiman's - Tyson's Corner, VA. You should ask for Aziz if she is there....great SA!
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