Antigua Cabas PM/MM OR Speedy 25???

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  1. You guys have probably heard enough of me :push: (LOL!)...anyways...
    I need to know which bag to save up foR. I decided EVEN though the Coeur change purse is SO cute, I need a bigger bag.

    I want your opoion on these bags.

    Antigua Cabas PM
    Antigua Cabas MM
    Mono Speedy 25

    1. Is the Antigua Cabas MM much bigger than the PM?
    2. Is the PM too small for an everyday bag?
    3. Do you like this bag or the Mono Speedy 25?
    4. Does anyone have pics of how much it can hold?

    Thanks for helping me



    ZoE :cutesy:
  2. anyone?
  3. I've seen all those bags IRL and for uand your age I would say antigua pm
    It is so fresh and casual I love it, the size is perfect for everyday bag
  4. i am just wondering about the size of the PM...its not too small?
  5. Speedy 25!!! They're soooo pretty!
  6. not at all how tall are u ??? do u carry a lot???
    the speedy is too commun
  7. i am like 4 ft 5-6 inches
  8. Antigua Cabas MM.
  9. I wanted the MM in blue
    I would suggest again the pm for u it is really really pretty
  10. mm. pm is TINY!
    if anything, i say save up for the gm, but since you are very petite, i think the mm would be alright!
    maybe you should just get your speedy though, since you have been wanting it for a while...
  11. So the PM? I have so much junk, so i need a good sized bag, so I am thinking about the MM
  12. if you need a good sized bag, definitely go for the mm. I can fit EVERYTHING in there!
  13. The PM is small but I wouldn't say it was tiny I have it in Ecru here are some pics.

    Also there is a new colour combo coming out later in year so if you decide on antigua you may want to wait
    Antigua.jpg Antigua Cabas PM.jpg
  14. Antigua Cabas PM Too SMALL
    Antigua Cabas MM Perfect size
    Mono Speedy 25 Great bag, good size.

  15. I think you should go with the MM -- but that's just me. [I think I will save up for the MM] My cheer coach has the MM in Red/Beige and she can hold so much in it! I think you have to be really careful with it, though, since it's cloth and could get stained easily?