Antigua & Barbuda anyone?

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  1. Going there for honeymoon in May, has anyone been there?
    I'd like to see some pictures if you have, any feedback about beaches, restaurants...anything!
  2. Antigua boasts of 360 beaches, 1 for every day of the year. Been to one Dickinson's beach, it was nice, this is where Sandals is I believe. Beach can get a little crowded so might want to wander to less famous beaches. The people are relatively welcoming.
  3. my bff had her honeymoon at the new sandals resort in antigua and said it was the "honeymoon from hell" and the food was terrible. ive never been, but thats not exactly a raving review

    eta: she did say the beaches were beautiful, but the brand new resort wasnt up to her expectations :smile:
  4. thank you! I avoided big crowded resorts and booked a smaller hotel