Antic Chevron Drawstring - Choc

  1. I thought I had seen one, but the places I usually haunt don't have it.

    Seems someone was looking for this antik cervo satchel, though. There's one at RAFFAELLO NETWORK - Details and one at Styledrops. Both are about the same price.
  2. omg, that is amazing!!! such a gorgeous bag!
  3. hiya. thanks for the pointers. i just realized recently though that the one i am looking for is from them CHEVRON and not from the CERVO line. although both are described as the "ANTIC" variety (perhaps referring to finishing?). will check styledrops. i wonder if anyone has this bag and if they can let us know if the finishing of this antic chevron is the same (2 toned) as the antic cervo line. thanks again!
  4. Antic cervo is different from that.The chevron has that pleated..lined pattern in it

  5. bagpunk,
    I also want this bag, please post if you find the brown, I'm almost ready to order in black. I love this bag on SMG!
  6. Has anyone seen this in brown? I really lean more toward Black bags, but the shading isn't there.
    Help --- Black or Brown (if I can find it) ??
  7. NM has it in black. quick quick. i personally like the brown better. but this bag is described as "chevron" w NM online?