Anthracity - debut. it's gray, it's green, it's blue, it's teal...

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  1. I finally got my Anthracity out of storage for the last few months. It made its debut this morning .. it was by coincidence as I had asked my husband to bring down the "green" (Emerald) bag from the top of the cupboard and the guy took Anthracite down.. It sure looked green to him under the closet light... I opened up the bag and I recognised my Anthracity but thought it looked like navy blue... and then I brought it out for his debut and it looked like teal in the car! I was a little disappointed it was not the steel grayish tone I had expected but now, I think it is a most magical colour which combines my favourite tones - green and blue - I think it grows on you! :yahoo:
  2. I've never seen Anthra in person (well, I've never seen any other bbags but mine in person lol..), but I would really like too. It seems like a magical color.
  3. it's gray, it's green, it's blue, it's teal... IT'S GORGEOUS!!! Mine has more navy / dark grey undertones. Just perfect!
  4. You may have already posted pics, but how about some more???:yes:
  5. oh man, i cant wait til I get my anthracity... I just have to wait two more days and then I can pay for it and it will be on its way... hehehe waiting til the CC billing date passes so that I have longer to pay it off! hehehe
  6. Wow, sounds magic!! Pics please!!
  7. Awesome! I agree with everyone else...Pictures! :p
  8. Alight, here ya go:heart: My gorgey Anthra with lots of blue undertones:heart:


    You can see a hint of Teal in this shot....under artificial lighting.


    I ADORE Anthra!!!
  9. tooshies, that's just *mean* teasing us all with that unbelievably GORGEOUS bag!!! Honestly, that may very well be The Prettiest BBag I have ever seen.

  10. Wow! Tooshies, your bag is gorgeous! I'm starting to really want something in anthracite now...
  11. [​IMG]

    YUMMY !!!!! :drool:
  12. WOWOWOWOWOW :yes: :yes: Anthra is growing on me....
  13. tooshie's fabulous Anthra is one of the ones that sold me on this colour! :woohoo:
  14. I want this bag!!! :crybaby::crybaby:
  15. soooo pretty!