Anthracite Paddy (Metallic) - Retail Sale?

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  1. Has anyone seen the anthracite paddy (metallic) for retail sale recently?

    NM and BG have the silver available on their website, but they don't have the anthracite. Neither NAP nor LVR have it either.

    Is this color worthy of being hunted down? I think it is really cool looking (like rock star cool), but I don't know if it is versatile enough for everyday without being totally overwhelming.
  2. Im pretty sure I saw it at Chloe South Coast Plaza.
  3. I own one, its awesome.. I use it everyday, its not too blingy for my tastes.
  4. Just called Chloe South Coast Plaza. Unfortunately they are sold out.
  5. i have one too, i LOVE mine to pieces, don't think it's too blingy, it's like a very dark shade of gray, coal like. with a splash of metallic. it cost the same as the silver- 1720. i haven't seen one lately though... i saw a baby anthracite a few weeks ago in bloomies at soho nyc.
  6. it's much more subtle in person- you can easily wear this for day. It's very versitile- I use mine all the time for day and evening!
  7. LVR has a baby metallic for sale in silver or gold, but no anthracite.
  8. Yes!! Call Nordstroms in Bellevue, WA and ask for Jaime.....


    Good luck! Just saw it there a few days ago.....
  9. has a metallic, but I can't tell which one it is! If the Nordstroms bag is gone, you might try them.
  10. Thanks for all your help and opinions, ladies!
  11. Really nice choice, but you know that already!
  12. What did you decide on? :biggrin:
  13. I decided to go with the metallic anthracite. Thanks to everyone for your opinions and for the helpful information you provided!
  14. nice! :biggrin: Post pics! I'm deciding on a metallic paddy too!
  15. YAY! Where did you find it and when does it arrive? Can't wait to see pics!
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