Anthracite nacre Sarah wallet or Clemence wallet? HELP!

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  1. I am looking at the sarah wallet in anthracite nacre or the clemence wallet in fushia. I just have the large ZIPPY wallet and love it but wonder if the nacre color is worth getting in the sarah or just stick with the zippy in the clemence? Thoughts if u have both sarah and clemence would be greatly appreciated!!!
  2. I have two old model Sarah wallets which I used for years and loved. Lately I've found them to be too big for my needs. After a long search, I purchased the Clemence wallet. I love that I can carry all the contents of my Sarah, yet there is no wasted space and everything is so slim! It carries everything I need without the bulk! I can even fit my iPhone 6 inside and zip it up. I'm so pleased with my Clemence and highly recommend!
  3. It really boils down to how many cards you have and if you prefer button or zip. They are both great wallets but I find the new Sarah a bit bulky so my vote goes to Clemence.
  4. I only have the Sara. I like it because I can stuff it. I tend to be a receipt hoarder, so zippy wallets aren't conducive to my hoarding lifestyle.
  5. Anthracite Nacre Sarah...the color is amazing!

    Good luck!
  6. I love the clemence. I believe it has less credit card slots than the Sara though so I guess it depends on how many cc's your have!
  7. Do u have any issues with the clemence as it hard to get ur cc out by the zipper part or the zipper being hard to zip? Also any issues with the sarah cracking at the seams where it opens? The bulky or card slots dont matter to me. I just adjust my stuff to the wallet I am carrying
  8. I am in the UK and our notes are too big for the Clemence so you have to fold them at the back or risk getting them caught in the zip. I also found it too awkward getting cards in and out and had to kind of bend the corner of the zip back so I didn't keep scratching my fingers. I ended up selling my Clemence after about two months. I now have the Zippy and would not switch back. I don't think you'd need Clemence if you have a Zippy?
  9. Thanks so much for ur reply! It helps and i wouldnt mind having the clemence and reg zippy but am just worried about the problems stated
  10. It was an issue for about a day with the Clemence, now no problems.

    My Sarah's are older and in excellent condition. No cracking.
  11. I'm thinking if I should purchase a clemence or a zippy! I love the lower price point of the clemence compared to the Sarah or the zippy but concerned if the quality of the material is on par with the more expensive options?
  12. I have a Sarah and love the card space and pockets to store stuff. I do like a big purse though. If you're not into big purses, I'd say the Clemence is the one for you,