Anthracite in the UK...looks promising!

  1. If anyone in the UK is hoping for Anthracite (like me) than I think there is some good news.

    I was in HN and spoke to the Manager about Anthracite. She spent ages looking through the computer and yippee...Anth. was in her computer. This should mean that HN will be getting Anthracite. There was no delivery date in the computer, and there was no way of telling what HN stores will get what, but at least there is a very good chance that Anthracite will be in HN stores soon.

    She is going to keep checking the computer for me, and promises to phone me when she sees a delivery date.

    Will keep you posted.:yes:
  2. YAY! Thanx so much for the update siri anne!
  3. No problem! I will let you all know of the expected date as soon as they let me know.:yes:
  4. Woo Hoo Siri

    Give me a shout and I will be right there with ya!
  5. Will do;)