Anthracite From Top to Toe! :)

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  1. Hi everyone! :smile:

    I've loved the colour anthracite for quite some time now, especially anthracite in RGGH and I've recently went on a shopping spree and collected a few anthra goodies. Here they are..

    The first is a gorgeous 2007 GGH Anthracite City from RDC. It came to me in excellent condition, as described and the chevre leather is amazing! Thick, Chewy, Slouchy, Glossy.. what more could a girl want?!



    Some pictures of the back:


  2. When I first got it, I thought the colour didnt suit me at all, or my wardrobe. Now I am totally in love and I'm so glad I didnt try to resell it. :smile:

    More goodies coming up!
  3. Next, while I was waiting for this gorgeous city to come winging my way, a little beauty from Hgbags caught my eye and I snapped it up in a flash!

    Its a 2010 RGGH Anthracite Money Wallet!



    Love love love the colour combination and I saw an Anthra RGGH city today at Parlour X in Sydney and fell in love with it too. I now understand everyone's fascination with RGGH and my next purchase will definitely be an RGGH bag.

    Although the wallet looks darker than the city in the pictures, they are actually almost the same colour, which was interesting because they are from different years.
  4. When I received the two, I remembered a purchase I had made during winter in Sydney (a couple of months ago) that I had not had the chance to wear yet.

    I purchased these lovely 09/10? RH Anthracite Sandals from Browns Fashion and I can't wait to wear them.

  5. Wow all are just gorgeous!!! Anthracite is such a beautiful color!:yahoo:
  6. Here is a family shot:


    And here is my darling bunny Buttons who jumped onto the table to investigate my new goodies. I had to take a quick shot and lift him down as he cannot be trusted around my balenciagas. The last time I left one within reach he took a dainty little bite out of it - my limited edition lizard city in Fer.

  7. Thanks, Sabinalynn!

    I love the colour but looking at the pictures, i have them in all different hardware (only GSH and Covered hardware missing).

    Do you think I should have tried to go matchy or do you like the variety?
  8. OMG! Love your goodies and your bunny is toooooo cute!
  9. Thank you wonderwoman9!

    Buttons is a cutie. He has the cutest gray markings - so he is a tiny bit anthracite-y himself!
  10. gorgeous bag, anthra ggh is a great combo, and the chèvre leather is just TDF.
    love your sandals too. congrats on all your new additions.
  11. This is the best combo ever. Enjoy it. I LOVE mine.
  12. He is just adorable! I love animals even more than bags so I go nuts when I see such a cutie! Do you have mod pics of those sandals? Love to see what they look like on!
  13. Omg they are gorgeous!! I love the anthra ggh a LOT! The leather looks tdf and I just love dark bal in ggh. The shoes also tdf. I love the small hardwares all over the straps
  14. I love the gold hw on anthra! congrats!
  15. Love your Anthra Bag, and your Sandals are TDF! :drool: Congrats!