Anthracite and Marine blue

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  1. Hi everyone.. I haven't seen both colors IRL but from the pictures I've seen they look pretty similar. Can someone describe both colors?and which color would you choose? I am interested in GH work.
  2. Marine is a dark navy blue. Anthracite is a dark charcoal grey (graphite) that can change undertones (from teal to midnight blue) depending on the lighting. I know it sounds odd but it's truly stunning in person.
  3. hmmm ... I think between those two I would pick Anthracite ... for a blue I would pick a different one
  4. Thanks for the clarification. I guess marine is very close to ink. I think I would go with anthracite but who knows.. I am still obessing over the french blue.:push:
  5. yes marine is quite close to INK but doesn't have this purple tones like the INK 06 spring color....if u have decide the color to get, don't forget to post ur new bag here!! we love to see pics....hehehehe
  6. Today I received my Marine City (regular hardware) from hgbags on eBay. The color is awesome and the leather is just too yummy for words. I am sooo happy with the 07 leather compared to the 06. The Marine color is a true navy blue and its the perfect blue bag I have been looking for forever. Thanks to hgbags for selling this baby!

    Now I need a cafe day....looks like my Bbag ban is over girls.

    oh no.:nuts:
  7. hahhahaa....Donna, don't forget to post ur new bags here, we love to see pics!! I'm sure marine is a great color as i'm also waiting for my marine money wallet from aloha rag...:smile:
  8. i haven't seen them in IRL yet. but out of the two, i would pick anthracite.
  9. I had both of these colors (still kicking myself for returning the anthracite) so here are pics of each taken without flash in the same setting--one indoors and one in the sunlight. The colors are similar, but anthracite has more of a green cast. Marine is on the left.

    I hope this helps a bit!
    marine.jpg marinesun.jpg anthra2.jpg anthrasun.jpg
  10. Marine is a very dark, deep blue with no other undertones. Anthra is a blue/green/charcoal mixture...definitely various undertones that change the bag in various lighting.

    If you're looking for a blue bag, I'd say go for the marine. If you're looking for more of a chameleon - go for the anthra! :nuts:

  11. I second this, the '07 leather is amazing. Anthracite is such a chameleon. Look at crackers pics. Her anthracite GH is amazing.
  12. I have both colours with RH and slightly prefer Anthracite BUT I do think the Marine looks better and absolutely stunning with GH :love:

    Let us know what you decide ;)
  13. anthracite looks amazing with the GH (like cracker's! :smile:)
  14. Of marine and anthracite, I prefer the anthracite. I have it in the city style. Valerie's pictures above illustrate the difference quite well. Anthracite is so hard to capture in pics, though, because it's so much more beautiful IRL. It will look gray at times, then slate blue at other times, then black, then teal, then midnight blue. It's awesome. I almost returned it, but am so glad I did not.