1. My father is planning a trip for him and I to go to Antarctica next year. I was wondering if any of you have been and what your experience was like.

    One website I came across does 3 kinds of tours: from very active adventure to more cruise type. Not sure which I'd like to try. :smile:
  2. my aunt and uncle went on the cruise type one, they are old so the active one was out of the question.

    my unlce is the typical synical old man and he said he woud rather just sit at the computer and look at pics because it was so cold but my aunt loved it.
    i want to go when im finished uni. its a major adventure and a once in a lifetime opportuity.
  3. Sounds interesting....but I prefer heat!
  4. AWESOME!!! I have never been, but it has been on my list of trips to plan for a while now. I don't have much to offer you in your trip planning, except...go with a ship that is carrying fewer than 100 passengers. 100 is the limit that can go ashore at one time, and I'm assuming you'd want the opportunity to go ashore every time possible!
  5. Seems interesting, i would love to do it if it were a 3 or 4 day thing, but it takes forever to get there and back and I'll be afraid to admit it but i would get bored of seeing different types of icebergs all day no offense to anyone. Plus the one sport I am actually good at isn't even available there?! SHOPPING! I woudl die if i had to trek in that coldness, so i would defiantly opt. for the cruise type. But i hope you have a good time, and enjoy it its woudl be a unique place to visit, esp. with the global environmental issues we are facing it may not be there for that much longer.
  6. Wow! This will be awesome!
  7. How exciting! I've always wanted to do a cruise from South America which stops in Antarctica too! Cruising is a cool way to travel b/c you can be as active or inactive on the shore stops as you want to.
  8. That is one of the 2 continents I haven't been to yet. It is on my to visit list someday.
  9. I just read a really great book about Antartica called:

    Big Dead Place: Inside the Strange and Menacing World of Antarctica by Nicholas Johnson

    It was about life at McMurdo station @ the South Pole. Kind of like a south pole version of The Office - very funny!
  10. thanks everyone!

    i'm not really sure which type of trip to do. part of me wants to seize this opportunity and do all the activities, but i'm not sure if i am skilled enough to do those types of things. i guess the activity part is up to my dad (he claims he's getting too old @ 51....sheesh).

    if any of you come across any info, please let me know :smile:
  11. Oooh. Have fun.
  12. Be sure to take lots of pics. I hear it is beautiful there.
  13. i am probably going this december. it is sort of last minute so i am trying to work out the logistics as we speak. we will be going on a small ship (up to 100 people). as blue said, this allows a greater chance of getting on shore -- likely two zodiac landings a day. these are more active than the big cruise ships but not nearly as active as some of the adventure cruises. the benefit of the big ships though is that you have more on board activities/amenities. i think it is just a matter of personality.

    please feel free to PM me and i can fill you in on what i have found.
  14. Wow that sounds very interesting and exciting! Antartica - the dead continent LOL!! If you take pictures I would love to see them!