Another wristlet question---Help!!!

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  1. I'm going to a wedding in December and I am considering getting a new wristlet to use as a clutch so I can get more than a few uses out of it.

    The wristlet I'm looking at is the Chelsea turnlock in black leather (b/c it's a good size). My dress is a little black dress from J.Crew--Sophia silk chiffon.

    Do you think the wrislet is dressy enough??? Would a diff wristlet be better? I love those evening bags someone just posted, but for my budget....not so good!

    Help! What should I get?:confused1::confused1:
  2. I think as long as it's leather, it will be fine! That is a really good choice! It's a lovely wristlet!
  3. I think it's a great choice because you can use it again later! It looks like the chelsea wristlet will also come out in silver signature so that's another nice option. If it comes out in a different leather color, like silver, that'd be really pretty with a black dress too!
  4. I used the silver dusted suede wristlet for when I went to prom. I think using a wristlet as a clutch for a special occasion is a great idea. I kept using mine after prom and it got some great use out of it. I think the turnlock wristlet will look great!
  5. Thanks for your replies everybody!
  6. i got the legacy wristlet in chili for a wedding i was going to! it fit the bill!!
  7. whao...repeat that? what?

    I really like the turnlock's a great size...but was going to wait for PCE to get one (had my eye on it in "mineral")

    but what's this about silver signature?
  8. What about the Legacy wristlet in black? It's a beauty and very dressy.
  9. I like the new tattersall capacity wristlet in black leather, too. It's got a zipper sectionand a flap section and has the gorgeous tattersall lining! It looks to be much more roomy than the legacy one but a little smaller than the Chesea turnlock one. I just think the chelsea is a little plain...but maybe that's what you're going for...
  10. I think it would be perfect for a wedding. Then you can use it again later in your regular bag or whatever.
  11. Now I'm considering any and all wrislets!!
    Dewydrop: I was thinking the Chelsea in mineral too. With my black dress???? Maybe.
    What about one of the patent leather ones?? They may be too small.
    I like the Bleecker but it may not be dressy enough.
    I really like the Hamptons?? one that comes in burgundy?? It can look like a small bag b/c you can move the strap. Buuut it's $200! A little too steep!
  12. The Bleecker isn't super dressy, but it is super versatile. :smile: I have the Bleecker Signature Capacity in black and use it all the time, but not for very dressy affairs.

    I like the idea of a silver wristlet! I looked up your dress (cute!) and can see carrying a pop of color or a pretty metallic bag. What are you doing for shoes?
  13. So I went to Macy's today and saw a Chelsea wristlet IRL. It's ginormous! Maybe too big:sad:. I may get it for a cosmetic case instead.
    LadyLinda: I love that dress!!! I can't wait to get it!