Another well-loved Roxy have found a new home!

  1. I just couldn´t resist her! I had a small talk with Tara here a while ago about Roxannes and it just kept buggering me that I really wanted an old one already worn and patinated. And now I got one! She´s fabulous!!! The fact that one of the buckles is exchanged for another with a more copperlike glow and that the big magnetic popper fastener is probably also replaced just adds to her charm. It´s nice knowing someone felt it worth to have her stay in shape. And the leather is fantastic and still have an air of the heavenly smell. She´s home now!!!


    (Kroquet - that´s the bedroomwalls colour in the background. Made with water, bone glue :yucky:, chalk and ultramarine pigment. Even more striking in sunlight.)
  2. Fab bag! Well done.
    I'm presuming you meant 'bugging' me rather than 'buggering'!
  3. So true :shame:... Can always claim it´s not my language. And too late to edit the post... Thanks!
  4. :wtf::push::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. Yay, congrats Mymlan! She's a beauty - lovely charm and great looks :yes:
  6. Great looking bag! Hope you really enjoy her and the fact that she is well-loved is just a bonus!! Love the wall BTW

    I was sitting in my living room last night looking at the walls and thinking that I need to spice things up a bit. Didn't tell DH cus it would have scared the living he!! out of him. But I need to add some more color. I have an accent wall that is a deep red burgundy, but I keep thinking about an aged look . Sorry, that might not make sense!!
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Wow that tickled me!!!!!
    But yep,I always think they look best worn in,actually yours is in better nick than mine!!!! I think as its a past season bag,if you get a new one,peeps can tell you missed the boat the first time around,its so much cooler to have an aged one and look like you were bang on trend a few seasons ago!!!
  8. Its fab :tup: Aged darwin is simply the best :yahoo:
  9. Well, now my "wordslip" is bugging me... :sweatdrop:
    Love my Roxy! Had her out today and felt great:yahoo:! And I admit that I had actually missed the train and a new one (with shinier hardware) didn´t appeal to me at all.

    But this one is for me! Thank you for your kind comments!
  10. Great bag, I recently did the same, aren't we kind giving the aged a good home :roflmfao:enjoy!!!
  11. Very nice!