Another week, yet ANOTHER new LP! Cathead's fault!! :)

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  1. kristinmcd, this bag is beautiful. Let's all thank cathead for spreading the beauty! Can't wait for your mod shots. I don't even travel much, but looking at your other reveal of the weekender made me want to go somewhere just to carry that bag!
  2. You are too kind! I really need to sell off more of my Coach so I can justify more LP. LOL
  3. Yeah, I appreciate how promptly Cathead alerts us to savings here and there - but my budget does not! This is a gorgeous bag with a cool modern vibe. I look forward to your pics!

    (I've been letting most of my Coach bags go too - to fund new LP and RM bags and my daughter's new clarinet)
  4. So true!!
  5. And this bag seems like it would complement your Kelly medium tote. This way, you have the same delicious leather and general size, but a darker color and different hardware/detailing.
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking! I have not seen this style in real life, but I am hoping it is as stunning in person.

    I still am jonesing for a Dylan Tote in cobalt though... :smile:
  7. Well, kristinmcd, I don't want to fuel that fire, but I only bought one bag all last year. Which one? Yup, my blue dylan. I carried it EVERY SINGLE DAY. It matched and enhanced every one of my outfits. The poor bag is so tattered and faded from abuse because in all those months I never found another bag last year (in my own closet or even in the stores) that matched the greatness of that bag.
  8. OMG, you are killin' me!! I keep hoping I'll find one that is NWT, but so far no luck. There is one on Bonanzle, but it looks streak-y and a little discolored. I want that vibrant blue!!
  9. Too bad the one on Amazon/Endless wasn't part of their crazy 40% off sale. It's reduced to $313, but the price seems high for a previous season's bag. Since they have more than one in stock, I have a feeling the price will be reduced even more soon. I'll keep an eye on that for you. BUT.... with your kelly tote AND the cobalt one??? That collection would be almost too beautiful to bear. I can almost see your reveal pic of the two bags together... *sigh*
  10. LOL!! The kelly is just a beautiful green, isn't it?!?
  11. I :heart: this tote! We definitely will be waiting for pics (w/your dog sleeping in the background of course).

    I was sitting at work today making a list of all my bags and figuring out which ones I could do without in order to fund a few new ones. Sad. :P

    I love the cobalt as an added bonus, it has silver/nickel hardware. I'm just not sure that I could pull it off, but I would be willing to try.
  12. LOL!! Yep, you are the biggest enabler here!! So, find me a cheap cobalt tote, ok? :smile: