Another week, another new LP! PICS

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  1. I bought the Dylan Medium Tote in Kelly to match my long zip wallet! OMG, I love this bag. Love it. Love it. Love it!


  2. ^^I :heart: it! It looks great on you. I really like the Dylan medium tote...I keep eyeing the Colbalt.

    Congrats! Is it from Bluefly?
  3. Yes!! It was a steal. Suckers! LOL
  4. Such a beautiful green, if I didn't have the lime dylan tote I would be all over this. I am glad you got a great deal on it too, that is just the cherry on the top.
  5. Oooh, I want to see your LIME! Pics?!?!?!
  6. I really like that on you!
  7. Thanks so much, LP'ers for the sweet comments! I just cannot get over how much I am digging this brand. I have one more goodie coming next week!
  8. We're gonna need a new thread just for the Amazon purchases! I want to see your weekender...what a deal!
  9. Me neither!! It's still full price on the LP website too!
  10. I was this close to getting the weekender, it was such a fab deal. I just have way too many expenses coming up. I am still thinking about the deal I missed....:sad:
  11. This bag looks great on you! What a cheerful color and its perfect with the gold hardware!
  12. cute bag but my favorite part of the picture is your sleeping puppy! congrats and enjoy your new purchase.
  13. Aw, thanks! He's my siberian husky, Kodiak. :smile:
  14. OK Kristinmcd...where is that weekender? :search:
  15. Being delivered on Thursday! I chose free shipping and boy, it is taking every last ounce of patience.... :pout: