another Wealth Challenged reveal!! One free, and one less than $65!!

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  1. so take your guess will i take the pics!

    what do you think i got for less $65 new on ebay and Free at the boutique!!
  2. Did you get the scarf cards free from H boutique (I was given a pack on Sat)

    and for $65...

    Did you get a real horse-bit snaffle to wear as a belt buckle. Or a leather bag charm perhaps?

    I wanna see! Show and tell!!!
  3. first the free one---- embossing monogram


    i love the monogram... i tried and i tried to get a good picture of it to show much much it just adds to it and now the colors go so well together and it really takes it up a notch from a really cool notebook to a really stunning notebook!
  4. now, but i will make sure to ask for them when i go next time!!
  5. [​IMG]

    a blurry preview!!
  6. The monogram looks great and makes the agenda look really special. Congratulations! Do all H stores offer this service, do you know?

    Now onto the reveal! :smile:
  7. [​IMG]

  8. i think all the big ones do, but i dont know about the small ones with one level and very limited selections...
  9. [​IMG]

    it is the breakfast cup!!! so jummy!!! my first ebay item is also my first (but not last) china piece from hermes!!!


  10. wiggly-Wow!!!You got your breakfast cup!!Congrats!!
  11. Wonderful! Congrats!!! [Love the monogram!]
  12. i really like it!!! i was suprised it went for so cheap!! i ordered two mugs from the store for next week as soon as i opened the breakfast pack.
  13. Love-ly wiggly'

    Both so elegant, well done and double congratulations
  14. Wow, great haul! Beautiful agenda and LOVE the breakfast cup! It will make mornings
    sooo special. Love how the design at the bottom of the cup. I am really loving their
    china! Congrats!
  15. Wiggly-It's great that you got a great deal on it!The Ulysses looks fab with your initials too!!Cute to hear your adding mugs to the mix:smile: