Another visit from FedEx....

  1. I'm back from my trip back East and had a great time meeting up with two wonderful TPFers. Thanks for the fabulous company--so much more fun to hit the H-store with die-hard H-fans than on my own. Needless to say, I couldn't leave the store without buying anything so....

    My very nice FedEx guy dropped off a big box today with the goods:
  2. Oh Orchids, congratulations, what did you get??!!
  3. Ooooooooo MY GOD! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. First, the scarves & pochette:

    Decoupages, Au Coeur de la Vie, and La Mor Contable (as modeled on Vert Anis 35cm & Fuschia 32 Kelly)
    CIMG2557_2.jpg CIMG2561_2.jpg CIMG2562_2.jpg CIMG2585.jpg
  5. :drool: :drool: :love:
  6. Orchids, please open the boxes!
  7. Whoo hoo a SHOPPING SPREE thread!!!

    Start the virtual stripping music!!!!

    I think I need to get more dollar bills for the tipping in this thread!!!
  8. Next, an unexpected but fun purchase that I've always wanted for my bedside table:
  9. I'm slowly uploading--I'm really bad at the striptease, so I just go for the full-effect right away! :smile:
  10. One of my grails--red CDC cuff (RG Chamonix):
  11. Hey baby....I love it when a girl gives in easily!!!!
    I'll pay money for that!!!

  12. Wow, love everything so far orchids! Now, what's in the bigger box?
  13. a Gold cashmere stole (mistakenly bought thinking it was a muffler btw--but love it even more as a stole):
  14. Oh, lovely!
  15. LOL QM! Okay, because you ponied up, here she is in all her glory, my 32cm Retourne Orange Togo Kelly w/PH as adorned by my blue Turandot and accompanied by my new Prada flats: