Another Successful Semester?

  1. Just thought I'd start a thread for those of us in school who successfully completed another semester. Congrats to everybody! Feel free to share if you graduated or what program or degree you are working on yet.

    I had knots in my stomach waiting for one of my grades to post for a class. It was incredibly difficult and everyone I knew was doing horrible. I cried all the way home from the final cuz it just sucked!! But today I got my grades and I passed that class! Yay!!!:yahoo:

    All my other classes were great and I got As in them. I have two summer classes to take and that will complete my BSN completion in Nursing. I previously had an Associate's in Nursing. Then in Fall I start on my Master's Degree in Nursing for Nurse Practioner.

    Whew! One week for rest then back to the grindstone!
  2. Congrats!!
    Yay..I'm off until August. I have 2 more semesters to go until I get my BA in psych! :yahoo:
  3. i'm unhappy about my grades this semester. hopefully after 3 classes in the summer and 5 more in the fall i will finally be able to graduate and be DONE. if i can get the 5 in the fall -- right now they won't let me register for one class.

    but i had a 4.0 cumulative average and now it's down to like a 3.93 because of 2 not nice professors :sad: and i worked really hard in those classes too!
  4. ^^LOL VuittonAmour, 3.93 is still incredible!!!

    I graduated this Saturday and feel incredible, I am happy with my grades and feel sooo free!!!

    :biggrin: :heart: :drinkup:
  5. gosh lucky ladies! im still not done! finals are done this week and next then i am off interning at a financial company. after that, one more year and i graduate with a BBA in finance & investments with a minor in economics. wheew, can't wait to finish

  6. Good Girl....keep up the good work!!!
  7. Not quite the semester I had hoped for, but that's okay; I got 2 B's that I had hoped would be As, but whatever, my Dad is happy about my grades! :biggrin:

    I have two classes this summer, plus I'm working as my Dad's personal business assistant, learning the ropes of the business (and earning a pretty good income, yay!!!)

    I have just Fall 07' and Spring 08' semesters left, and that's it, I graduate in May of 2008 with a BA in English-Literature/Writing! :yahoo:
  8. I am writing my thesis on American literature.
    Deadline for the thesis is the last day of June... I am already a nervous wreck... I am afraid I can't complete it by then; although I write several pages every day.
  9. I just took my last final for this semester yesterday! I still have two more years to go though, but I hope they go by very slowly because I love being in college. I got two A's already and I'm still waiting for my other grades to come in. *fingers crossed*
  10. Phew, I will hopefully be DONE with school in 3 weeks when my PhD exam will be over :wondering

    Congrats to all the achievers!!
  11. It feels soooooo good to be done with this semester! It was my worst one to date, as far as workload and general PITA-ness goes. But I surprised myself and did pretty darn good. Though, of course, my only B was in the class that I tried the hardest in. C'est la vie...:rolleyes:

    I was going to take two summer classes in order to graduate this December, but for several reasons I decided against it. So now I'm just working full-time and enjoying my free evenings!

    Congrats to everyone who finished, and double-congrats to those who graduated.
  12. Oh gosh. Congratulations to everyone who is finished. I am nowhere near done. I stll have soooo much before I'll be finished for the semester. The anxiety of having so much to do in so little time is killing me but oh well. Nose to th grindstone I guess. If anyone believes in God please please say a prayer for me. Thanks.
  13. Well, I'm excited because I just finished this semester and I did a lot better than I thought. I have about a year and a half to go and then I will be done with my psychology degree.
  14. You guys are SO LUCKY!!!! I envy you :crybaby:
    I still have one month to go and I'm soooo tired and exhausted from this semester.. I'm currently having my WORST week ever! Iffft...

    Good thing is I'm exactly half way through getting my degree.. WooW writing "my degree" sounded good :sweatdrop: hahaha

    Congrats everyone on completing your semester, degree or PHD :biggrin:

    Have a great vacation!
  15. i just got my final grades a few minutes ago...two A-s, a B-, and a C+. based on my professors, i consider that a victorious semester! it was definately my hardest one so far. it brought my gpa down to a 3.6...

    i'm working on an ABJ in Magazine Journalism at the University of Georgia and only have two semesters left!