Another Stain story...A Bag and Buttered Popcorn

  1. I've seen quite a few stain threads posted so I thought I might as well tell you my tale...

    Movie and Date Night with Husband. Hairspray...the Musical. Started out well...

    I laid my purse on the seat...gave Hubby the popcorn and told him to hold it while I went to the bathroom. I came back and found the popcorn sat on the seat next to my bag (Brand New Andrea Breuckner Luxembourg satchel) AND that 3 pieces had fell out and sat on top of the outer pocket. Three butter soaked peices. I went ballistic. Big oily dark spot right above the pocket. I could have cried. He was so upset apologizing. Saying he never even thought not to put the popcorn next to my bag. He was all beside himself. He said we'd send it to LMB immediately and he would pay whatever it would take. I whimpered and whined that she probably couldn't fix then he said he's buy me a whole new bag even at the 685 retail price.
    I tell you it ruined the movie for me. BTW...the movie was okay but we both liked the orginal version with Ricki Lake better.

    I sat there wadding up my knit shirt and trying to blot out the grease the best I could. Hell with the shirt. I did get a fair bit out. When I got home I plastered on the corn starch, rubbed it in and held a lit light bulb up against it to heat it. After about an hour I sucked it all up with my Dustbuster and brushed it with a toothbrush.
    Surprisingly it did pretty good and got most of it absorbed. I plastered on more and will leave it sit over night to get any more out if it can.
    So...Hubby is still being very very nice to me...and the bag looks okay. I'm still in horror of it, but I don't think it needs LMB.
    Overall, I'm glad it wasn't a First Date! LOL It might have been my last...unless he bought me a new bag.
  2. wow! good thing most of the stains came out. my bf would never offer to buy me a new bag even if he ruined it. your husband is a keeper even though he dared to put oily popcorn next to your beautiful bag. thank you for sharing:tup:
  3. Another great ending!! ;)
  4. OMG Lexie, I would have been mortified and no wonder you didn't enjoy the movie. Thank goodness you knew how to deal with the stains, it sounds like you saved the day with your cornstarch and lightbulb. Thank goodness for that. As for your hubby.... I've always thought of him as a gem, one in a million. Definitely a keeper, but ban popcorn near your bags in future!
  5. Oh the Poor guy. He spent the better part of the evening trying to make it up to me. I gave him the "food and bags don't mix" lecture. Even when he saw it was almost good as new he offered to buy me another bag. But I have 3 from NM and 1 from Bluefly on the way so I said no Thank-you (I was being generous there...LOL).

    Wow though...I have never been kissed and sweet talked so much since we were newly weds...LOL And Date Night Turned out to be a homerun...:love:
  6. :popcorn: = Poor Husband :mad: = Lexie

    :noggin: = Lexie to Husband :lecture: Food Lecture

    :drinkup: = Outcome!!
  7. Lexie, your hubby sounds like an amazing guy...definately a keeper. My significant other would never have been so understanding and has been known to put mishandle my preciouses when I nicely ask him to hold them for just a second while I do something :smash: and he would never apologize let alone offer a new bag, so yours is definately one in a million :yes:
  8. Wow Rose, you certainly are creative with the emoticons! LOL You told the whole story in a few pics when it took me paragraphs!

    I know I am lucky. He will actually listen to me go on and on about bags. He'll look at pictures. I know he doesn't entirely "Get it" but he makes an effort. And he does respect what I like, even though it's not his thing.
  9. I hate that happened to your bag! Thank goodness your DH WAS going to buy you another one. If I'd had that happen to me, I would've gotten upset, my husband would have seen me upset, he would've felt bad but wouldn't have said anything, then I'd been mad over both my bag AND the fact that he was shutting me out b/c he felt guilty!!! Then if would've turned into a huge fight!! You're so lucky your hubby knows how to say "I'm sorry!". :tup:
  10. Wow! I feel for you. Luckily it sounds like you managed to get most of it out. I've found that sometimes the oil can distribute itself (if it's just a tiny amount) over time and kind of "go away". Good luck! At least you have a sweet husband that will buy you another one if he has to!
  11. Your hubbie is def. a KEEPER! Though he might not 'get it', he knows how important bags are to you and YOU (his sweetie) are what counts.

    And thanks for the cornstarch/lightbulb tip--I'm going to remember those (I have used cornstarch also to stop the bleeding when I have trimmed one of the pugs' nails too short--love the cornstarch). After the manicure-oil-on-my-bulga nightmare, I try to leave my more delicate bags at home if I think there could be 'danger'. My old reliable Kooba Lucy seems to withstand anything--she is my go-to bag for rainy days, traveling with the snorty pugs, etc.
  12. Lexie, change your mind ASAP and get another bag! Come on! Get it for me...get it for the team!:happydance:
  13. funny story Lexie (not so funny when it happened though), maybe that is why there used to be only black bags in the world. Let the buyer beware!

    Your husband sounds like a gem!
  14. Quick thinking on your part. I'll take note of that cornstarch and light bulb trick.

    I'm so glad I got the black Chanel instead of the white like I wanted. I've already spilt Coke slushee, Coke, orange juice, and milk on it (I'm a total clutz).

    Glad your story ended well, and I hope you can get the rest of the stain out! Your hubby sounds like a nice guy to be so apologetic. I know some guys would just say something along the lines of you're overreacting it's just a bag. ugh.
  15. Barbara from LMB's told me that trick for Oil accidents when I talked to her on the phone in the past about another bag. And does work. This morning I have to really really look for that spot. It was about a 1.5 inch solid dark dark spot last night. That corn starch really absorbs it. It WAS treated with Wilson's leather protector when I first got it last week. That probably kept most of the oil on the surface. So I am a true blue Wilson's fan.

    I thanked my Hubby this morning for being so kind and letting me know how bad he felt. Just the sentiment was more important than the offer of a new bag...although you betcha I would have ordered one asap for full price if that spot was hopeless. This bag is just plain gorgeous and so functional.