Another purse to add to my collection

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  1. Here they are batignolles horizontal and etoile bandeau I really don't want to buy anymore purses but I need it for work and school (another excuse to get LV lol). :graucho: I'm going to buy another purse (hopefully my last one) but I have to get it on friday...
    Excuse my ugly hair, I'll have it done asap..:p

  2. Looks great on you, congrats!
  3. Your hair is not ugly! I wish I had the length!!!

    CONGRATS on the beautiful bag! I've been contemplating this and a Mono speedy azur speedy sold me though to just get the Mono speedy---- I have that bandeau and used it today! I LOVE IT!!!!
  4. Aww thanks..! My hair needs some serious touch up:p . Same here, I was gonna get the azur speedy but I need a big purse for school and work. Don't you just love the bandeau? So cool..
  5. I agree HOT:nuts: and yo uare really petite are you 5'4?
  6. I'm actually 5'1 :sweatdrop: . I wish I was 5'4.
  7. The bh really suits you :yes: I love the bandeau!
  8. the bandeau is FABULOUS!!!!!!
  9. ah well im 5'11 wish I was 6'4 so I could do runway:sad:
  10. Very cute!!! You wear it well~:heart::p!!!!
  11. congrats ! u look pretty huh !!!!!
  12. i love it! congrats! im thinking of getting of getting a bh/bv for uni, so tell me how it goes! xx
  13. Looks fantastic.
  14. It really looks great on you..congrats..
  15. it looks great on you, congrats. and i REALLY love the bandeau ^_^