Another 'Purse Party' Vent

  1. So I'm at OctoberFest on Saturday night enjoying some Bratwursts & really big Beers when my cell phone rings. It's a friend of mine telling me she's right down the road at a purse party. She proceeds to tell me they have tons of Coach & asks me if I want to stop by. Already knowing the answer, I ask "Are they real?". She tells me that the girl told them that everything is real just with small imperfections!!!! Since I'd been drinking I refrained from comment but politely told her I wouldn't be able to stop by.

    This morning she comes in toting this god-awful Fendi bag. She said that she got it for $80 & also got a few Tiffany pieces that were also "authentic but with small imperfections"! :cursing:

    I couldn't take it anymore.. I proclaimed "Do you honestly believe that these designers would dump their merchandise to people conducting Purse parties?!" Her defense was that they had to be because the lady took Credit Cards, had a real business name & offered a guarantee on their merchandise!!! Come On!!! Any schmo with a Paypal account can take credit cards!!!

    I think I scared her! So I told her that I have nothing against her buying the bag...what I take offense to is this woman claiming that her products are Authentic!!! :cursing:
  2. I really am shocked sometimes when I find out how dense some people can be.

    I had a lady come into where I work the other day and she had a fake Goyard bag and was bragging about how the original costs $1000 and her bag was only $50. I mean, "inspired by" bags don't bug me as much, but this one said Goyard all OVER was definitely an exact copy. Ugh.
  3. I feel so bad for people that buy fake bags thinking that they are real!

    I think it is a good idea to let your friend know how fake those bags are, so she doesn't waste her money on something so cheaply made! $80 can get you a cute, well made purse, you know!

    I met this lady in class who saw that I had Coach and proceeded to tell me how she could get me Coach, Dooney, Fendi and Chanel for under $100.. She said they were mirror image.. or something like that.. I was disgusted that she was trying to sell me fakes at school!:cursing: I told her no thanks.. and that I only bought authentic.. and I can't afford Chanel so I def. wouldn't buy a fake one so I could act like I could:roflmfao:
  4. I totally agree- sometimes I feel so bad when I see people bidding hundreds of dollars on eBay for coach bags that are so obviously fake! every now and then i will send them a message and let them know that the bags are fake, but it happens all the time. But I almost feel like if you are dumb enough to not do your research before bidding $250 on a bag, you need more help than i can give you! :rolleyes:
  5. that says alot about your character dear and i admire you. If only some people would really think like that. But most people are in the luxury bag market in order to set themselves apart, feel superior to the average jane and joe, and end up in the fake market cause they're like: well, the more i have, the richer i look.etc. which is completely idiotic, trying to be something youre not, that is. :tdown:
  6. I feel bad for the women out there who buy them and think they're real. I always catch myself feeling disgusted when I see fakes, but in my head I have to think, "half of them don't know it's fake." i knew a coworker who had a couple of coach items. And from first look, I knew they were fake.. Yes, high quality copies, but fake fake fake. And she thought they were real.. *sigh*