Another Philly Area SnowStorm - EBay Shippers Beware

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  1. Another Mid-Atlantic snowstorm of 12-20" expected, starting late this evening and worsening over night. Blizzard conditions tomorrow.

    Keep on top of your outgoing and incoming packages.

    I would expect USPS in Philly region to shut down tomorrow.

    Just in time for Valentine's Day sales...
  2. Yup, same here in Washington DC.
  3. I'm in the DC area too and we're getting ready for more snow. I had two items sell yesterday and luckily one buyer has been very nice and understands that it will take a bit longer than usual before I'm able to ship. I emailed the other buyer about the weather situation but haven't heard back yet although I gave them the option of canceling the transaction if they're unable to wait for the post office to reopen. As anxious as I am to put new listings up I'm definitely going to wait until the weather improves!
  4. Hope everyone will get their packages in a timely manner.. this is suppose to be

    a major storm.. they are closing down schools here in NYC tomorrow..
  5. I sent out something last wednesday that has NOT left the MD/VA/DC area tracking... so it potentially puts shipping off almost a week more more now behind schedule.