another nail polish question-your opinion??

  1. Going to a wedding on Sunday - wearing blk & white poka dot skirt, black scoop neck top, important jewelry, Chanel tote - the shoes I am wearing are strappy with toes right out there - I was thinking of a pearly iridescent polish for fingers and toes - Do you think that would be better than a red? any other ideas? It's a big deal because of these shoes - they will attract attention - Thx.
  2. i don't like pearly irridecent polish on toes personally. shows too many of the inperfections inherant to tonails. i only wear bright colors on my feet. :smile: besides with all that black and white you need a small punch of color to keep it interesting. *i* would go with red or bright pink, ALWAYS...even with LOOK AT ME shoes. i would probaby do bright tips too, if you have short nails. if you don't have short nails, the pearly irridecent one would be better. :smile:
  3. I just picked this up yesterday because I'm a nail polish nut. :love: :love: It's semi-sheer, gives a pearly look, and very cute and top it, the name of the polish is "your royal shyness". It's from the princess line from OPI. :heart: I personally love it and would definitely match the outfit you described.
  4. Red......will look beautiful!!
  5. Red nail polish make any shoes and feet look good. :biggrin:
  6. I would either do a red - love OPI's not really a waitress shade. Or a french manicure since it is very classy.

    Let us know what you decide!
  7. Red and polka dots look good I think!
  8. okay red for my toes - my fingernails are Not short - can/should they be a different color that toes? - If red nails chip - it's over! - I don't know why I am making such a big deal out of this - but all your help is so appreciated!!!
  9. I'd go for a french nail and red toes!!! Wouldn't that just make you pop out?! I think that would be a perfect combo
  10. You could go with red toenails and french mani on the hands?

    I don't colour coordinate my hands and toes and so far, no one has called me a fashion mistake on that count ;)
  11. Red for the toes-100%. And, I always do a french mani-I just don't like color on my fingers
  12. I would do read on the toes for sure!
  13. Okay, I'm sure this thread is about dried up so I want you to know how seriously I take your advice - I'm doing red on my toes and a french (although I am very ambivilent about it) on my fingers - I just called the salon to get the best french manicurist - I'm all set - I'll have wedding reports shortly - As the oldest of 3 sisters, I fully intend look the best - no matter how shallow that may be - I am well aware that I am vain and can be too concerned about how I look - but you'd have to know a lot more about my life to understand - Thanks again, I am so grateful for all your input!!!.
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