Another Mizi Vienna On Let-Trade.Com

  1. just listed another mizi vienna if anyone is interested! :yes:
  2. link??
  3. Its the green and black mizi not the all black one. Just FYI
  4. OMG..they have Klara..I want that bag..

  5. get it, get it!! :P

    dangit, I want that Vienna too!! :wtf:
  6. ...I can't because I just purchased one bag that's coming this Monday..

    My bag account is crying :crybaby:'s a good price too..

    Anyone remember how much was Klara in retail??
  7. What did you get??

  8. You just have to wait ..:graucho: ;) :upsidedown: ..It's on my list...something that I have to have by the end of this year..
  9. LoL.. my BANK account is crying!!! :crybaby:
  10. It is so nice.
  11. I saw a Mizi today in the store I work in. I wanted to follow the lady around and drool!
  12. It's $2599 if anyone is interested. =)
  13. thanks for the info!!! but i think i'm going to have to pass.. i really need to calm down with the spending.. but it's a lovely bag!! someone should get it!!! :yes:
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