Another mid week quick reveal!

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  1. Well I have been very good girl but recently BagCrazy had TWO Bays, both so beautiful (and she told me I can have as many as Bays I like!) - then I missed one fab Bays on e*Bay - then I was busy at work but put the GoofBay just in case... and.... :nuts:
  2. What did you get ratrat?
  3. Yay a live reveal!

    Is it a blueberry Bays?
  4. Come one!! Spill!!
  5. No, loved BC's Blueberry but for me it's too purple, I just can't do purple - I'm more Pink/Brown person.
  6. Hayden shoulder bag??
  7. Ah I'm here too to watch the reveal. Come on ;)
  8. Yes blueberry is PURPLE, you have to be brave to wear it!:P LOL
    So you got something PINK then???
  9. Must be a Bays then, or...?
  10. ooooh a live one:nuts:
  11. Well I have been keep myself off from plain patent Bays, telling myself Putty is the one and only for me.... I don't even know this colour - totally impossible to photo!! The seller called 'dark red', I thought Brown??? but no, it is dark red/burgandy/reddish brown - anybody know the name?? (Jazzy gave it two thumbs up)

  12. Very nice!

    I am feeling the urge for another bag and the reveals this evening aren't helping!

  13. Oooh, it looks fab! How do you like a patent Bays now that you have one?
  14. Oh ratrat I have been flirting with that bag!!! But then I just could not justify to buy another one, after buying Alexa and 2 Bayswaters in 1 week! Lucky you!! Love that Bays!!
  15. Well I said quick reveal, I'm more interested other reveals LOL - the dress is late A McQueen's - I loved some of his design so this is little tribute to him.


    Comparison to AG Plum