Another messenger on it's way!

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  1. I just have to face the fact that I'm hopeless....just ordered another large Ant from Psyche - a bargain? Only £206,50:nuts: Couldn't resist - should really take a break from visiting the forum. Bad, bad influence(an excuse, anyway).
    I guess it will take a while before it arrives(usually a couple of weeks) Will post pics asap, of course.

  2. Congratulations, look forward to seeing the pictures :biggrin:
  3. Looking forward to the pics, Kris!! Yes, spending much time on the Forum has been having an enabling effect on me too...Only a few months ago I didn't realise that I needed all these bags..:nuts:
  4. wow another Antony well done i have 4 now

    Small in Oak, Black, Mustard
    Large in Brick
  5. Very nice Kris:biggrin:
  6. I am a little disappointed right now - just received this mail;

    Unfortunately the item(s) you have ordered is/are now out of stock & we are unable to re-order back in at this time.
    Your payment has been fully refunded.
    We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.


    The Psyche Web Team.

  7. :tdown::tdown::tdown:
  8. so sorry, I didn't even find the Large ant on their page, so they must have gone fast
  9. Oh no Kriscat!
  10. Ohhh so sorry Kris, cheer up!! :hugs:
  11. So sorry for you! Hope you will be able to find another one! This kind of thing happens so often, those companies should get their websites in order!
  12. Oh well, I wasn't supposed to get that bag. I am sure I will get my hands on another one in the near future :graucho: Thanks for your support!
  13. Now now, you can't blame us for enabling you into this cheeky!

    You're going to have a great collection of messenger bags, and I'm sure you're right that even though this one was out of stock you will get a different one soon.

    I'm sending enabling messages through the computer to you now - buy one, buy one, buy one!

    Did they get through??
  14. Oh what a bummer... I'm really disappointed for you Kriscat, but DON'T GIVE UP, keep searching.
  15. ^^yes Ali, they did - and I tried! No luck, have to wait for a while longer.