Another little ebay find!

  1. I'm kind of having fun purchasing these little goodies from eBay. I was never too much into the charms/keyfobs before, but Im getting my little fixes this way. Anyway, I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. I have betta fish, and love colorful fisheys of all kinds. I found this one for under $30.00, still not cheap for a keyfob, but most of the auctions were upwards of $45 for this little guy, so I'm very happy. I'm seeing him on my Whiskey Ali!!!
    koi fish.jpg
  2. Dang, girl!! You're on a roll!! That fish is so cute!! I love the gold colors and details. It will look great on your Ali!
  3. I know, I'm outta control!!! I like alot of these little things on eBay better than the ones they currently have in the stores!
  4. Congrats, that's a pretty good price for it. The gold fish keyfob is pretty popular still, even though it's from last year. It's my all-time favorite Coach keyfob. I bought that at the Gilroy outlet for $26 last fall. My BF just smiled and rolled his eyes when I kept fondling it the entire car ride back home. :nuts: It's so freakin cute!
  5. very cute!! first time ive seen that one before
  6. That is so cute!!! You have great taste!
  7. congrats! I am not a fish fan and even I have had to look at that one a few times before.. it's really cute! :tup:
  8. oooh, I love this!
  9. I have that darling little fish and I found him at my outlet for $9.99!!
  10. Congrats! You got the other one I was watching while I was trying to decide. ;) Enjoy!
  11. On an Ali, hmmmm!!! :idea:
  12. Wow!!! I love that fish!!
  13. very cute.. congrats again!!!

  14. Me too!!