Another Lindy ? about leather...stumped...

  1. OK, I know they make the lindy in clemence, swift, evergrain (and croc). However, I was at an H boutique a couple of months ago and they had a Lindy in a "stiffer" type of leather. I've seen all 3 of the above types of leather and this wasn't it. The SA told me it was VL, but I was told it couldn't be that (now after finally seeing VL in person, I would agree). Any idea on what this leather could be? They no longer have the Lindy at that boutique (where most of the SA's are pretty clueless, anyway), so I can't call. Any suggestions?
  2. Are you asking because you're specifically interested in acquiring the Lindy in this leather? If so I will try to do some research for you!
  3. Candace,
    You are so sweet--yes, I am interested in it and I swear I wasn't hallucinating!! How bizarre. The one I saw was in gold, which is a great color, but just a tad too light for me in whatever leather that was. Don't work too hard at it, as I don't have the funds right at this minute, though I should within a few months. Let me know if you find anything out!