Another HG is in the house!!!

  1. Look what I got today!
    A Tomato first!!!!!
    Isn't she pretty? And the leather is SO perfect....
    img_0094.jpg img_0101.jpg
  2. OOOOOOOO Yummy!
  3. *swoon* I love tomato :love: Such a beautiful choice... ;)
  4. Thanks! I am also SO in love!!!
  5. Gorgeous!! I love Tomato!! Congrats on finding an HG!!
  6. Congrats! She's a beauty!
  7. all these tomatoes!! i want one now!
  8. I was so lucky. I saw it a couple a months ago but couldn't afford it. Then it was relisted a couple of weeks ago and still i couldn't afford it so another girl bought it or so I thought. For some reason she didn't want it anyway and I contacted the seller and asked if she wanted to swop with my Bayswater plus some money. And you know what, she said yes! Now it's mine and I am never parting with it!!!!!
  9. ^^ wow that's so great! Glad it worked out for you!

    All these stunning tomatoes- the leather is driving me nuts!! just gorgeous! congrats!!
  10. The First in Tomato is so incredibly flirty and fun! Nice work!
  11. You should get one! They are so pretty and yet very sexy!!!!
  12. Absolutely gorgeous!
  13. Fantastic leather, great color and style :love: Congrats!!!
  14. Sooo pretty Radissen, I have a Tomato Money and love her leather..seems these reds have the best leather around..congrats!
  15. the leather looks gorgeous!!