Another FUN thread for ALL to enjoy!

  1. Ok, this is REALLY random, but I thought this can add some more fun to the forum.

    Here's the deal - you need to describe yourself with the word BALENCIAGA.

    Me first:

    B allsy :boxing:
    A ss (at times) :upsidedown:
    L oveable (I hope) :heart:
    E nlightening
    N aughty :devil:
    C ompassionate :flowers:
    I llusive :ninja:
    A lluring
    G racious :girlsigh:

    Cant wait to see everyone elses responses!

  2. ** BUMP **

    C'monnnnnn... I want something fun to read when I awake tomorrow.

    Night all

  3. ok since i can't fall back asleep after BF woke up for work....

    Balenciaga-lover haha
    Artistic (ish?)
    Chrisy is my name haha
    Argumentative (at times)
  4. goes:

    B al gal
    A rgumentative (at times)
    L oving
    E nthusiastic
    N ice
    C aring
    I ntuitive
    A uthoritative
    G oofy (with DS's)
    A ssertive
  5. B - bewitched by Bal!
    A - articulate (well, I try)
    L - loyal
    E - educated (paying off school loans kept me from buying more bags!)
    N - newbie (only have 1 Bal)
    C - caring
    I - intuitive (always trust my gut)
    A - antsy (impatient - like when I'm waiting for a new bag!)
    G - good-natured
    A - altruistic (again, I try)

    B eware (of TPF, too addictive!!!)
    A ddicted (to Bal PF!)
    L oving (Wife)
    E motional
    N ana (my million-dollar dog)
    C razy (for Bal. bags!!!)
    I interesting
    A ttractive !?!
    G OD (pls help me, I so addicted to TPF!)
    A rtistic!!!
  7. B eliever (in magick and miracles)
    A rtistic
    L oving
    E enraptured (by Nature and critturs)
    N ever bored
    C urious about everything (like Curious George)
    I mmigrant
    A ddle-headed (that's what my Gran called me!)
    G ranny to 22 grandkids and 2 more due in June..(sorry Planet!)
    A ddicted to tPF and Balenciaga
  8. B alenciaga Obsessed!
    A ttentive
    L oving
    E motional
    N aughty
    C onsiderate
    I mpatient
    A dventurous
    G rateful
    A ffectionate
  9. Ooh these are fun to read! I'll have to think about this and comeback to post my own description!

  10. Love this one :lol:
  11. Baby boo (thats what my bf calls me. Ha)
    Alluring :roflmfao:
    Limited memory space
    Chrisy (my bf)
    Anxious (gan jiong if u understand)
  12. B astards (annoy me)
    A m (so sick of my job)
    L ove (my daughter)
    E motional (right now)
    N eed pampering
    C onscientious
    I mpatient
    A ngry (you've got me at a bad time...maybe hormonal?)
    G reen (in an environmental way)
    A really good neighbour (but I live next to bad neighbours who are weirdos)

    ...I think I might come back and do this again when I am having a good day xo
  13. Here we go...

    B roke ('coz of Bal!) :p
    A ddicted to TPF
    L eo [​IMG] (my sign)
    E nthusiastic purse collector!
    N ice (on most days) :angel:
    C urious
    I mpatient (for F/W '08 to come!)
    A fraid (of all the $$ I'm thinking to spend on the F/W bags!) :sweatdrop:
    G etting sick of being sick! :yucky:
    A Star Wars fan! [​IMG]
  14. Hee Hee! Here's mine:

    B ouncy
    A thletic
    L eonard (the name of my dog)
    E nergetic
    N aomi (the name of my other dog)
    C aring
    I ce cream--I just had some and love it!
    A frica--I'd love to go one day
    G reen-my favorite color
    A mazonian -- at 5'10" and 165 lbs. I'm pretty close!
  15. Balenciaga collector
    At peace with my collection (until a/w 08 at least!)
    Lonely when out w/o my bbags!
    Ebay scam despiser!
    Nutty mom
    It's my last one! (my promise to myself every time!)
    Apathetic to most other brands since discovering bbags
    Green tea-ahaulic
    Able to tell you all the names of every bal color by season and year