Another Ebay related issue...

  1. A friend of mine had a LV bag listed on eBay,a potential buyer contacted her and they both agree to complete the transaction outside eBay.The buyer purchased it and paid through Paypal.My friend shipped it (through FedEx i think),the bag got delivered and everything was fine,until the buyer asked my friend to refund her back 185$ for custom fees.She sent my friend a Paypal invoice expecting my friend to send this amount back to her account.Obviously my friends refused to do it and the buyer contacted eBay.
    Ebay told her it was not their cup of tea because the transaction was completed outside Ebay.So she emailed my friend telling her she was going to send the bag back and that she wanted a full refund :wtf: My friend was so kind to tell her that she would have taken the bag back and would have partially refunded her the amount,with the exception of the fees my friend paid.Well,this buyer had the nerve to refuse (:wtf::wtf:) and threathened my friend to file a Paypal claim to get her refund.She stated Paypal told her they would refund her whole amount :rolleyes:,plus she went on saying she was going to send the bag back regardless of my friend's opinion :push: In her opinion my friend MUST accept the parcel when it gets to Italy because,otherwise,she will notify Paypal of the fact she refused it.
    Now,this whole story is crazy...this lady thinks she will get a full refund from Paypal basing her claim on the fact she didn't think to pay custom fees...
    Anyway,just to avoid any Paypal crazyness,i suggested her to move all the Paypal funds from her account to her bank one.Luckily she didn't have any fund there,so she just closed the account...oh,obviously i told her NOT TO GET ANY PARCEL BACK,who knows what she could find inside!!!I wonder how long this story will go on... :confused1:
  2. ^^^unf***ing believable! She doesn't want to pay customs fees. Well, guess what, you have to when you purchase something from another country! I have to pay customs fees all the time when I order from LVR! Does she think because she ordered from a private individual, that negates the payment of customs fees. Your friend did a smart thing closing her paypal account. Be sure your friend save all of her e-mails.
  3. I hope your friend sticks to her guns on this one. Let us know how it ends up.
  4. Sending it back to your friend, isn't going to get her customs fees back, she will still be out that amount. Paypal is not going to side with her either since it was done outside eBay.

    Tell your friend to ignore her and don't accept the parcel if the seller is silly enough to send it back, which I doubt (unless she is really dense), I think its a bluff.
  5. Make sure your friend keeps ALL of the written correspondence between the two. Paypal will NOT refund her money because the deal was done OUTSIDE of ebay. However, if the purchase was made on a credit card through paypal, the buyer's CC may refund the money. Yuck, another shady character on ebay, SAD.
  6. Thanx for your support ladies,i will show my friend all your posts...i told her not to trust this lady,she sounds very fishy,she lies all the time stating "PAYPAL TOLD ME THIS,PAYPAL TOLD ME THAT"...the first thing that came to my mind is that she was trying to switch the bag with something else and then ask for a refund :hysteric:
  7. Paypal transactions and the protection provided have NOTHING to do with whether or not the item was sold on ebay! So many people get this wrong and I have NO IDEA where the information is coming from. Paypal is accepted on thousands of websites besides ebay and the protections are the same.


    If the person files a paypal claim because it was not as described as a way to get the money back the buyer would need to show proof it wasn't as described. Since the payment wasn't linked to any ebay auction or other website that would show the description that would be hard to do.

    As a seller, I would dispute any claim filed on paypal and submit the customers emails that state the reason is because of the duties. Hopefully the customers emails come from the same account as listed on ebay, otherwise it would be hard to prove they are the same person.
  8. She won't get any refund from Paypal because once she got the bag and held it in her hands,she didn't email complaining about authenticity or item description,what she immediately complained about were the custom fees and kept stating this thing in ALL her further,she could never pretend to have another claim reason apart from the custom fees one...she never questioned other things but the custom fees :nogood:and obviously Paypal would never refund her for this reason :flowers:
  9. Import taxes is the responsibility of the buyer and not the seller. Paypal would never refund her just because she doesn't want to pay the taxes... Even when she sends the bag back.. she still needs to pay the import fees...
  10. This is ridiculous, customs fees are always the buyers responsibility. And yes, she will still pay them if she sends it back.
    The only advice I can give is NEVER do a transaction outside ebay. If someone asks you to, the alarm bells shold already be ringing. It costs the buyer no more or less to do it through ebay and ebay will better protect you both ( in theory )
  11. Thank you all ladies!:p I know,it really sounds crazy!!:wtf: When my friend told me she had firstly accepted to take the bag back i was like :shocked: :lecture: :noggin:
    There was no real refund reason,i actually thought the lady was a scammer...and i still think so :thinking:
  12. People will try anything, I bet she knows that she is responsible for the Customs/Duty costs but is trying it on. Stick to your guns on this one Paypal will not refund the customs/duty it has nothing to do with the purchase between the buyer and the seller, it is between the buyer and their Govt (who imposes these tariffs).
  13. What a scammer ! PayPal would definitely have sided with your friend since customs isn't a valid reason for a forced refund.
  14. Totally agree with you ladies!!In her last email she asked my friend to share at least the custom i wrote an email that my friend forwarded to the buyer,in which i explained her how these things work and stating that,obviously,my friend would have never ever refunded her a single buck.Plus i warned her not to send the bag back,because this would have been a further waste of money for her.
    She ended up writing one last email to my friend,thanking her for taking the time to explain her the whole situation...:rolleyes:...can you believe this lady has more than 600 fbs on Ebay??How could she not to be aware of custom fees?? She just tried to get some money back in my opinion!!:yucky:
  15. at least it seems like the buyer has finally accepted reality! ....hopefully no cc chargeback to follow....