Another Ebay rant: Auction got REMOVED!

  1. :cursing::cursing: I got home tonight to an email from eBay informing me that one of the dior bags I had listed was removed due to excessive shipping and it irked me to no end! Firstly, I've sold dior bags of the same size and weight on eBay before and I've charged the same shipping rates as this removed auction and it went smoothly, no hitches, nothing and definitely no flagging by eBay. In fact, on those previous occassions, I found myself having to fork out more for shipping because I under-quoted the buyer. I thought no biggie, I'll just revise my shipping charges by $10 more.

    Then it happened - ebay removed my auction claiming I was circumventing fees by excessive shipping. WHAT A LOAD OF NONSENSE! I can clearly bring them to my local shipping service's site where they can see the quotes for shipping themselves and I've not charged a single cent more! I send out items promptly and the bags always reach the buyers in less than a week (even though I'm sending it all the way from Singapore to the US). I'm just miffed ebay is doing this!
  2. I totally understand where you are coming from in regard to shipping and eBay. I sell some on eBay, particularly handbags. I am constantly paying out of my pocket the shipping fees that go over the actual amount I have charged. When I loaded several auctions this week-end, I kept getting a notice about excessive shipping charges prior to submitting the auction. It is truly ridiculous. Apparently, eBay staff has not mailed anything lately!
  3. Give more information in your listing and payment instructions. I use the shipping calculator when it is working right.

    ie - This bag will be shipped in an oversized box. Shipping includes signature confirmation, etc...