Another Chloe Paddington Post

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  1. So I've looked everywhere, I've read archived post from this forum and still, nothing. My problem, I want to buy an "ivory/cream/chalk" [whatever the color is really called I have seen it like 100 ways now] Paddington Satchel [Spring '06] however, it seems no one is carrying it or they are already sold out. Where could I find this bag? I am in New England, Connecticut to be exact. I have thought about buying the bag in "whiskey" but I really have my heart set on a white satchel. Thanks in advance.

    Ps. I don't really feel all that comfortable using netaporter or any other overseas source. So am I out of luck all together?
  2. Hello and welcome to the forums!

    Mind elaborating why you feel uncomfortable ordering from NAP, who are the official online retailer for Chloe?
  3. Bergdorf Goodman had them listed last week for delivery 2-22-06, but after I ordered they pulled from their website and my order delivery estimate changed from 2-22 to "Delayed".

    Net-a-porter is very reliable. I got my Chocolate paddy from them. Others here have purchased from and have had good experiences.
  4. I just found this purse blog couple of days ago and I love it. So I have a question guys... I was thinking of buying the chloe paddington from NAP, but I wasn't sure how long this bag will still be "in trend". Do you think people will still wear it this year? Or do you think paddy has been replaced by another "it" bag. If it is, then in your opinion, what will be the "it" bag for spring 2006? :smile:
  5. I am thinking about this too, and am afraid that it will last only a year more considering how long the trend has been going. But i am trying to convince myself that if the padlock trend does go out, i can always remove it and just carry the bag. Frankly, it is the padlock that make it an IT bag. Isn't it? Every other designer is catching on to the padlock design!
  6. I just saw them on NAP. They have the cream spring 2006, NM has chalke that is actually last season.
  7. If you love the bag, who cares if its 'in' or 'out'? Personally, I like when I carry a bag that no one else is carrying.
  8. Well said. If you like it, buy it.

    NAP is a very reliable online retailer. They are the official online Chloe boutique. I ordered my paddington from them, and they were very helpful when I needed to have it shipped to my work address because of the signature confirmation issue. They answered my e-mails quickly, and my bag took only a week to arrive.
  9. I ordered my Anthracite paddy from NAP - it arrived to my door (in the US) in 2 business days. Superb customer service - honestly, I would only order from NAP or Neimans based on my personal experiences.
  10. I totally agree!
  11. Yes, NAP does have great customer service. I didnt get my paddy from them, but I would have, they just didnt have it when I got mine. But I have ordered plenty of clothing from them and they give you nothing but the best. And anytime I email them with any knid of question they reply within 24 hours.
  12. i talked to erica at neiman marcus in chicago this morning- they are expecting their spring shipment of paddys in early february, and will have that color. give her a call and get on her waiting list (I did!)
  13. Wow. Okay so you all made me feel so much better about NAP. The whole overseas thing made me really nervous. But I feel much better now!
  14. I totally agree! Moreover, the Paddington is a great bag not only for the padlock (it is not enough to make a bag really great): its leather is soooo soft and supple, and it is perfectly built. I mean, not all the 'it' bags deserve this name, but the Paddington def does.