another carly bag post - HELP PLEASE!

  1. has anyone bought the carly pouch yet? i went to my local coach store and the SA had no idea what i was talking about - they only had the carly bags (in both sizes) on display but no pouch.

    i reallllly like the pouch from what i see on the website but i don't want to order it just yet when i haven't seen actual pics of it. is it really toooo small to be practical? can anyone please please post pics of the carly pouch over their shoulder? i would really appreciate it!
  2. i went yesterday and was gonna purchase it but it was wayyyy too small 4 me. my mom said she'll probally buy it 4 my little sister. Oh and it doesnt fit real comfy on the shoulder. If my mom really gets it 4 my sister i will post pics. but u still may like it thats jus my opinion. it dissapointed mee.

  3. ^^yes I thought the same too, I was like...this little travel cup size bag is it?!
  4. uhgg i knoww.... i would jus save up money 4 the bigger 1
  5. I saw the pouch size as a pilot back in Oct. From what I remember, it did not look the way it does in the online pics and was more along the size of the other top-handled pouches. Those are pretty much "evening out" bags, and aren't big enough to hold everyday essentials.
  6. ^^ I agree. If you carry a skinny mini, a lipstick, cell, and maybe one more thing every day it will work. I would save up for the medium.
  7. thanks everyone for your comments (: i think i'll just save up for the medium!