Another bubblegum pink Birkin question...

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  1. ...first of all I'm an absolute Hermes beginner (coming from LV).

    Two weeks ago I joined my mother to Hermes, to choose her Birkin. At this point I was still immune, but while sitting there and looking at the different leather and colour swatches I discovered pink, to me the ultimate pink and I can't get it off my mind ever since.

    At this Hermes boutique I was was told, that pink is a new colour, which only can be ordered, but waiting lists are closed and naturally there are no pink Birkins 35 available (no big surprise, since I'm not a regular). Still, I was not worried because I was told the colour is available and can be orderd.

    A couple of days later, I tried another Hermes boutique, where I am personally known and therefore have no problem placing an order for a Birkin 35, but I was told that pink was limited and can not be ordered anymore. My SA tried to track one, without luck...

    Now I am confused, because of the dissenting information and hope anybody here can advise on how to get a bubblegum pink Birkin. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Sorry I can't help you but Bubblegum pink sounds GREAT! I would totally buy one if it was feasible.. Good luck tracking one down..
  3. I cannot speak for the most recent podium, but I thought that the pink could not be ordered for a Birkin at all.
  4. Here's the thing, they have made them but I know it's more of an invitation color only, and availability would be upon cancellation. So I'm told. but I think the color has been very very limited for the birkin you could get a constance tomorrow. but birkin............. Not that easy darling but if this is the color scheme you like I would sujest bouganvillier,divine color I have rose flu and fushia ostrich and I still love my bouganvillier and even though it's been rested you may still find one .hope it helps darling birkel
  5. I think a couple of people here have one. Maybe one of them will chime in.
  6. Dear birkel, thank you very much for your kind advice!

    Although it is quite discouraging (just like lulilu's & BBC's info), as it becomes obvious that pink is hard to come by and will most probably not available... Just as I was told by my SA at the 2nd Hermes boutique, who also told me, that there is going to be a new pink for next summer, which I'll check out soon - although I can hardly imagine that it will be as perfect to me as the recent "bubblegum" pink. And of course I'll try to take a look at bougainvillier...
  7. ^^Do not be discourage! Build a wonderful relationship with the SA that you like the most, and you never know what can happen. ;) Make sure you let your SA know how much you love pink! As a fellow lover of all things pink, I am constantly surprise by the beautiful pink colors that H comes out with each season. Who knows, there might be a prettier pink for you in your near future. Good luck and happy hunting!:tup:
  8. I have a pink Birkin that was a SO.. There is a LOT of misinformation about the pink Birkin even in Hermes boutiques. They are limited in number, leather and size. You almost have to be invited to SO or take one that someone ordered and did not take. It was extremely difficult even in the ordering process to get what I wanted and various requests were rejected. The manager of my store and my SA worked diligently to get me what I wanted. Good Luck in your quest.
  9. In my opinion, this year pink and next season RT, is totally different thing. One is sweet girl pink (depend on the leather, I think Epsom and clemence is more baby pink, while Togo and swift appear more stronger), while RT is definitely a hot bright pink. If you are a pink girl like me, then you will want them all!!!

    Good luck in looking for your pink. Please don't forget to try searching one thru japan reseller, although there will be a premium, but that is something you really want, and don't settle on something that is similar but not something you want!!!