Another 04 marron Weekender (BIN!)

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  1. ahhh, loooove this color! wish it was a work...
  2. ^ hey peanut, I dont think a work existed in the '04 marron :shame:
  3. the way I am SOOOOOOOO insanely tempted to use BIN on this, it's an amazing buy.... insane........ ah. But I just must resist... I must.... ahh!
  4. Wow that bag is smokin'! Someone needs to grab it up!
  5. The bag is so gorgeous.And looks to be in good condition.....someone needs to buy it! :yes:
  6. seriously.... so cheap for an 04 weekender! OMG OMG OMG! I have this color in a city and its delicious...
  7. OMG, there's just something about this color that makes me go "mmmmmmmmmmmmmm", it's delish!!!:tender:
  8. really? aww that makes me very sad :crybaby: ...oh well.
  9. :nuts: oh my good that is beautiful and LVLady99 is a kick ass seller.
  10. gorgeous bag!! someone should grab this beauty! Looks like the handles are clean too!
  11. FYI - she won't take Paypal on this auction. She said "I've been cheated by SOME CROOKS on eBay using Paypal. So, I DO NOT take Paypal for this weekender as I took it at very high price. " She only will accept bank-to-bank wire transfer.
  12. and maybe because paypal cost her 3% of the selling price, it will took her benefit...
  13. Well, all I know is it's probably a good thing, because I would've bought it if she took Paypal. ;)
  14. Lol...