Anna Dragonfly --Question about changing it up?

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  1. I love this bag so much! I've been looking at the various reveals and I was wondering if the emerald green strap/tassel kit would work with this bag? What do you guys think? Does anyone who owns the bag actually have the kit to try it out?

    I've never seen any of these items so the leathers may not work-or maybe the straps are different?

    Also thinking that the tassel fob might add a pop of colour!

    I'd appreciate any thoughts on this--thanks
  2. I'm sure it would fit, but the leather is different texture. And the detail/lacing on the black strap is so nice I would rather use that.

    Honestly this bag is so fabulous as is, it needs no extra embellishments, no fobs, scarves, etc, in my opinion.
  3. I agree, the strap is too nice to replace and the detail is duplicated on the side of the bag. And the tassels are tdf, so no way I would want to replace those.

    I do have a crystal dragonfly charm that I thought of adding for fun, but the bag already has 3 tags//charms, so I'm not sure it needs it. I think a green flowing scarf tied to the handle would brighten it up, if one wanted to do that.
  4. I have the bag and I agree with Jane. I think the bag is totally fabulous as is!!!! It already has enough detail and embellishments in my opinion!!!
  5. Your right the bag is too fab on it's own!
  6. I have to disagree, handbags are about individuality.

    Someone revealed the emerald wristlet and it was a perfect match. I think it would work if you wanted to switch it up from time to time, I don't see anything wrong with that.

    If you do please post pics!!
  7. I bought the emerald green strap kit intending to try it with the dragonfly duffle, but I realized when the strap kit got here that the duffle has brass hardware and the kit has silver. I don't know how to explain it other than to ditto what Jane said, but the two just didn't seem 'right' together (to me at least).
  8. Lol that was me with the wristlet. Which works perfectly inside the bag as a complement. But I still wouldn't add extra stuff to the outside. Like I said though, just my opinion, as someone who owns one.
  9. I am so glad that you posted! I was hoping someone else out there had thought of this too!

    Did you keep the kit? i don't suppose you took a pic of the duffle when you tried it out did you?

    Thanks everyone for replying--!
  10. I don't own one, it's not my style, but thanks to the various reveals I have a good idea what it looks like and not owning one does not prevent me having an opinion.

    IMO the emerald would look great, but I see the hardware is different which is a shame.

    When we drop a bundle of $$$'s on an item it's up to us to decide how we're going to use it - it's not just the handbag designer that has vision!
  11. I had the emerald wallet already before I got the dragonfly duffle, and once I realized that the green stitching was a good match for the emerald I starting thinking about other accessories for the duffle.

    I still have the kit (it only arrived yesterday evening), so I can try and get some pics of the duffle with the strap kit taken and posted later today.
  12. Oh my gosh! That would so wonderful!! Thank you for doing this!!
  13. Hmm I'm still intrigued by the idea--even with the different colour hardware!

    mn_shopaholic is going to post some pics for me so we can all see how it looks!

    Still thinking the tassel fob might be a nice pop too--if I were to chose to wear without the big tassels some time!

    I really do appreciate everyone's take on this--It's so hard to decide how things will look when you can't see them in real life! Different perspectives are so helpful!
  14. I would get an emerald scarf and wear it around your neck. Or wear emerald nail polish.
  15. I like the idea of the tassel fob / emerald duffle tassels with this bag, and now I'm wondering how it would look! Those gorgeous, smooshy Anna tassels are tdf, but they are SO impractical (imo) on the bag because of the heaviness and general bulkiness that I would consider changing them out for smaller tassels.