1. Which one would you go for...I recently got the Marc by MJ Totally turnlock quinn in STONE. And i have been dying for the AC , but i cant decide which color (especially since i have the MbyMJ in stone which will go with everything)

  2. oh heres a pic of the M by MJ i just got

  3. I prefer the butterscotch...:yes:

    I think its more of an 'any season' shade, compared to the tobacco.
  4. Since I am :drool: to get an AC City tote in butterscotch...I would obviously say butterscotch...and if you get it i will be soo jealous!!! lol jk jk

    the other one is gorgeous as well though...I cannot wait until i get one!!!
  5. i like the butterscotch
  6. butterscotch! soo cute.

  7. agree
  8. i'm going against popular opinion here, but i prefer tobacco. the color is so rich and you can really see the distressed finish on the leather. it reminds me of a bbag!
  9. I like the tobacco. I really love that chocolate brown distressed leather.
  10. butterscotch
  11. I own the tobacco, but I think if I had to purchase all over again, I would have gone with butterscotch, because a lot of my things just don't go as well with it. both are beautiful colors, just take a look at your wardrobe and think about which would compliment it best.
  12. butterscotch
  13. I had the same dilemma you did a while back...

    I ordered the butterscotch first, only to be incredibly disappointed by the leather - it was very dry and kind of crackling. So, I returned the bag and ordered the tobacco color. Tobacco is incredibly rich - has a nice redish undertone.

    So, I would choose tobacco over the butterscotch.
  14. I like the tobacco but I agree that the butterscotch would go with more outfits however you did say that you got a bag that will go with everything so I don't think you need to think practically anymore. I would say go with your first instinct.
  15. Tobacco! It looks so yummy and rich...just like chocolate!