Anna Corinna City Tote, yes?

  1. I'm thinking of buying an Anna Corinna City Tote, the leather one. I'm just not sure if it is light. I have the Chloe Betty and it feels like I'm carrying bricks. Wanna make sure that the AC tote is light before I go ahead and buy. The leather looks like the ones used in Balenciaga. Is it similar? What are your thoughts?

    Please help so I can finally decide whether to buy or note. Thanks.
  2. In my opinion I have carried it around in the store and all and I have also tried to put my stuff into the bag - in my opinion it feels fine and I carry a lot of stuff. I personally think it is a decent weight. The best thing is if it does get too heavy u can fold it and put it on your shoulder!

    Maybe I can tag a question along with this... I am also looking into getting this bag too - any of you might know where I can get this online at a discount? Hopefully at 20% or more?

  3. Anna Corinna city bags are so lightweight! There is no way you could compare them to carrying bricks, I guarantee you! It's probably the lightest bag I own. :smile:

    To get them at a discount, you can go to ShopDollyRocker and use "toutie" as a coupon code to take 20% off.
  4. If you're a first-time shopper of, you can get 30% off.
  5. I am looking to purchase this bag as well...wondering about the size (the mini seems too small, and the regular seems too big). Does anyone have any size comparisons or opinions? TIA!
  6. I'm also thinking about purchasing this bag so any other thoughts/opinions are appreciated!
  7. The regular is not as large as it seems. AC has actually started making an XL City Tote and now that one is HUGE. A good carry-on for the plane, I'm guessing. lol

    The City Tote is starting to become an icon. I've even seen CT inspired-bags coming out from various companies. Eg. Roots (in Canada) has a bag called the Lauren Tote that is a straight up copy.
  8. Well I love the city tote!!

    It is extremly lightweight, and looks great worn on the shoulder, carried or folded in half and worn with the addlt strap.

    IMO the mini tote is way way to small. I would compare the mini tote to the LV speedy 25.

    I own 3 of them (purple, tobacco and tan) but I use the tobacco the most .

  9. I just measured this last night, my mini folded is approximately the same size as a Balenciaga First. Just noticed one of OP's questions. No, the leather is not similar to Balenciaga, although I'm really bad at explaining why.
  10. I completely love my mini city. It's the lightest bag I've ever owned and can hold all my stuff with room to spare. I use my butterscotch mini city every single day except for those occasions when my outfit calls for a black bag and then I use my BLACK MINI CITY!!!
  11. I have the mini city tote...and I love it. I think it really depend on what you wanna use it for. I have alot of big bags and find the smaller size to be perfect when i'm going out at nite with my friends. i love that it can be carry two ways. You can get 30% off at revolve clothing if you're a first time buyer. Other website that carries it is active endeavors and luna boston. You can get 20%off active endeavors with code next20 good till 7/31.

  12. ^^^^agreed! i use my black mini city almost every day, it is so soft, squishy & lightweight and the perfect size for all my stuff. i am now waiting on my butterscotch mini city :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. I have a Mini City tote and I love it! I think AC City totes are very lightweight in comparison to other bags that I've owned and carried. I'm 5'3" and I think that the City is a tad too big and roomy for me personally. My Mini City fits an umbrella, small book, my LV agenda, keys, blackberry, cell phone, and lip gloss. I love that there are two pockets on the outside and two on the inside as well.

    As far as the leather goes, I don't think that it's comparable to Balenciaga (and I own two). With AC City totes, I think the leather quality varies depending on which color - by far, the black is the best leather. I've had to return the Butterscotch because it was too distresed and dry.
  14. Definitely light weight. The mini is the best size. i'm 5'7 and LOVE big bags, but I thought the regular just looked awkward on my frame. I was able to stuff everything I needed in the mini and still feel like it wasn't stuffed to the brim. It's a great everyday type of bag.
  15. Anna Corinna city bags are so gorgeous!