Anna Corinna City Tote or Mini City?

  1. I'm having a really hard time deciding between the city tote or the mini city tote. I tried on both in the store and I preferred the mini city; the larger size just seemed way too big on me, but I'm afraid that the mini city would be too small. I will be using it for school, but I don't carry a lot, usually just a notebook, a balenciaga coin purse, my wallet and maybe an umbrella if it's raining. Would that fit in the mini city?
  2. Hey, I had the same thoughts when I saw both these bags - one is too big and the other too small! I would recommend going with the larger one because the small one really didn't look like it could fit a whole lot.
  3. I wish there was a size in between the city and mini city!
  4. Here's a link to a helpful review of the mini size, with a list of stuff she carries in it. There are several threads on tPF about it too. If you're used to really big bags, the mini will seem small. Otherwise, if you prefer medium sized bags, the mini should be OK.
  5. I carry the world in my mini (including a small umbrella) and not only does it hold it all, it keeps it's shape (don't ask me how!). And may I say, it's the lightest weight bag I've ever carried....I just love it.
  6. I think all of your stuff should be able to fit in a mini, you just won't be able to fold it over if you like that look better. I know what you mean though, the difference between the Mini and the regular City Tote is drastic.
  7. I have the mini and it holds a lot more than you would think. Right now, I have my wallet, hard sunglass case, iPod, Us magazine, a notebook for work and a small umbrella. The large is really really big so unless you think you're going to need all of that extra room, try the mini.
  8. I would say absolutly the City...I love big bags and this bag is fantastic!

    good luck!
  9. I have both and prefer to carry the Mini City as the City is about twice the size of the Mini.

    My Mini City can fit my LV agenda, a small book, a small umbrella, and keys comfortably. Remember that there are 4 extra pockets - two both on the outside and inside. I usually store my Blackberry and cell phone in the outer pockets.
  10. I am so glad I got to see the Grechen link. I just ordered 2 of these Mini Totes (One from eBay and one from Luna Boston) and I definitely made the right decision on size. I'm excited about getting this bag and may just end up keeping both if it is as nice as it looks.
  11. I ordered a city tote from Lunaboston, and it was only $315 with a 25% off code! I think if I am going to use it for school then the larger size would be more practical. I saw a girl who was about my size wearing the city tote today and it didn't look too huge on her. I think it looks smaller once it's full of stuff than when it's empty. I'm still in love with the mini city though, so I think I might end up buying it too :yes: