Animated smilies??

  1. I am curious about why we can't use animated smilies in our signature unless it is from the given smiley list. Is this usual, or am I doing something wrong with the editing of my signature?:shame:
  2. If you would like to add an animation to your signature, you must host the image on an image hosting service and not on tPF - then, hotlink it (the image hosting service usually provides the linking codes that you can copy and paste).
  3. Hi,
    I'm wondering how I can get the smilies on the list to NOT disappear when I pull them onto my writing area....when I do that, they turn into a website for tpf, beginning with http:/.....

    thanks in advance!!
    p.s. I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but I have a MAC computer.
  4. Hmm you mean OUR smilies here? You don't drag and drop them, simply click em and they get entered into your editor.
  5. ^^^^^

    Yes, Vlad...the smiles to the right whenever I type....I was able to drag them to the writing area and they showed up, but lately, it's just a tpf website link!!?
    Any suggestions?


    see below, this is what happened when I clicked on a smiley face here at the right...
  6. I am so sorry, but what do you mean by host the image on an image hosting service? Does that mean to makes sure when I get the smiley, to not have the url say purseforum anywhere? Hope that makes sense:shame:
  7. ^Either or works well if you just want to save it so your link won't be broken eventually.
    But in order to get the ones from say,, you just click on the smiley and it'll show you the code that you can copy and paste in. Like this:

  8. Thanks, Lvbabydol!! I am going to give that a try!!