ANIMALS VIDEOS, post and share!

  1. So, after looking at the thread "this video will make you smile" (which it did), I've got an idea. I really truly enjoy looking at funny, unique animal videos during my spare time, but searching for funny ones usually take a loong time esp since my computer is super low, I thought it would be a great idea if we have a thread where people can post funny animal videos (theirs or not)and share them. It would totally make someone's day (def mine!), put a smile on ppl;s face, y know...just for fun.

    if there's any problem or there's already a similar existing thread, the mod can get rid of this.

    I'll start, this is a talking dog and cat video...this is a pretty old video, but it's funny.

    and I just saw the cutest cat I've ever seen in my entire life...but lost the link.
  2. i just wanted to post the two cats talking they are the cutest sight ever! :love:
  3. ^^ Did you see the translation? Pretty funny...
  4. nice videos!
    i'm making the most out of my break time.
  5. I LOVE that one! LOL

  6. What a cute critter - I had to turn that music off though.