Animal Prints: Do You Wear Them ?

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  2. I think they're cute, just not on me.
  3. I like a lot of animal prints, but I seldom wear them myself.
    But you can find a lot in my home!:yes:
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  5. I love animal prints. I think they're sexy, so yes, I wear them.
  6. Like them, but I don't think it'll look good on me!
  7. I only do them in moderation, say a pair of shoes or as part of a patterned shirt or skirt. Dresses, jackets or all over is just TOOOOO much for me!
  8. Only on my feet - I have the Louboutin Helmoon Orlato and they are THE sexiest pair of shoes I own!
  9. No can do. I'm just to plain to pull it off.
  10. yes! love them!
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    I posted this in the "Outfits" thread. I love animal print!! I'm trying to find cute animal prints shoes at the moment.. :smile:
  12. i like them, unfortunately i don't like the way they look on me..:supacool:
  13. I love them too! But they don't look good on me. Closest thing has been reptile ankle boots.
  14. Yes :yes:
  15. Oh yeah! You have to be careful though, its easy to cross the line inot trashy territory.