"Ani Bags" (the Cameron Bag)

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  1. I saw this designer listed on a luxury retail website. I guess her claim to fame is her "Cameron Bag" that is owned and carried by Cameron Diaz (among others). Just wondering if anyone has ever heard anything about this designer or her bags? The leather looks nice and they're inexpensive (compared to some other bags on here!)

  2. When I saw this page in Lucky, I was also looking for this bag. Its looks coll and practical, a little like YSL Muse. I haven't bought it though. Looking forward to comments from all you ladies.
  3. ^^Me too. I hope someone has some info on these bags!
  4. ^^^Me three. I emailed the company to see if they make any with brass hardware, and she said no. Or maybe it was just the style that I wanted was only in silver? :sad:

    I wanted the large Nadia.
  5. I just tried. Goodness. I didn't know I can't buy online. Anyone knows where I can find one in Chicago?
  6. Why can't you buy online? :amazed:
  7. You can call her 800 number I think?

    So no one has seen this line in person? I want to know what the leather is like.
  8. ^^That's the one i'm looking at too.
  9. Cute bags. I wondering what they look like in person.