Angelina's Birthday gift to Brad

  1. [​IMG]What do you get a movie star birthday boy who has everything? It's a dilemma Angelina Jolie, 31, knows well. "He's so hard to buy for," Jolie has said of boyfriend Brad Pitt (who turned 43 on Dec. 18). She settled on a fitting choice: A trip to Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, Fallingwater, where it seemed to even snow on cue, creating a winter wonderland for the couple's tour.

    Wow! I wish I was a movie star!
  2. Looks beautiful!
  3. She looks gorgeous even in such a natural setting. I love them as a couple!
  4. Yup they look so heavenly here
  5. Angelina always looks pretty. Brad looks pretty good for 43.
  6. They look amazing!
    I just wish they were standing closer to one another!
  7. Frank Lloyd Wright is amazing.
  8. Awww! How sweet!
    I love it there. It's so pretty.
    They got snow?!!? Jeez, i didn't know it. Too bad it couldn't have moved a little east! Boooo!
  9. they both look contented.. :yes:
  10. They look good.
  11. Im surprised they had this picture taken of them...they always seemed so private. Hence, I still wish this couple the best!
  12. He must have really loved that! That house is soooo beautiful! (my DH is a big FLW geek as well....bought him the Falling Water book a couple of Christmases ago)
  13. they look just like any other couple on a holiday in that pic. The look really good.
  14. I think they were standing apart so you could see the house.
  15. SUCH a great pic!!!!