Angelina Jolie bag

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  1. Does anyone know what bag Angelina is carrying? I like it!! Zahara has a mini version of it, so cute!!

    Here's a link so you can see it better..
  2. Versace...I have a thread going about this right now
  3. Valentino Histoire bag
  4. It's a valentino...Megs wrote about it today.
  5. sorry sorry I meant got my V's mixed up!
  6. Oops! Thanks so much!! Love this bag!!
  7. so adorable. I love how they have matching bags.
  8. I have been looking at the Histoire and this looks more like the braided bag, I believe it's called??? Have the oxblood on hold. Do you think I should get that or black? I wear a lot of black and have many black bags. Thanks
  9. It is the Histoire bag, just checked NM. Any opinions about black or oxblood patent?
  10. I like the oxblood patent better.

    I think it would go with black clothes (or lots of other colors).