Angel Jackson - Luxor Patent Tote Yellow

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  1. I first saw this bag on Lady Gaga, i fell in love with it!

    Deceided to buy it for myself for my 20 Birthday! It cost £275

    When i tried to buy it, i paid for it then was told that they had none in stock, a few days later i got another email, we found a bag we havent refunded you yet, it has a small glue stain on it we will send you a free belt (they sent me some pictures, the glue was NOTHING, i was very excited i recieived it the next day.

    Here is a picture of the lovely bag, the free wallet and the free belt


    Isn't she lovely!!!

    As soon as i got her i took loads of pictures, i looked after her, then after one use, (the weekend after i bought her) the strap broke, the same day i was in a car accident, some stupid man decided to drive straight in to the side of my parents mini, and my pasty was stolen! I sent an email they offered to fix it, but i was not convinced it would be able to be fixed and be the same afterwards, so i had a refund.

    A few months later i got an email from Angel Jackson, they found a red one for sale, on a different shop (this was about 3 months later!!!!) £130, I emailed the company instantly!

    But after a few days they got back to me and said it was out of stock.

    After all that i never got a replacement Angel Jackson Luxor Patent Tote

    But i did learn one thing, Angel Jackson had amazing customer service

    That was a bit of a ramble but i was a bit bored hope you enjoyed my little story! :yahoo:
  2. Sorry about your bag and car accident but the bag is awfully cute!:tup:
  3. :ty: If only i could of kept her lol
  4. aw, sorry you couldn't keep her but it's cute!
  5. That's quite a pop of colour, it's adorable. Hope you'll be able to find another one someday!

  6. I will try to find another one, its not often you get such a nice bright bag is it! :smile: